About Us

Llew Jury & Co. is a Brisbane digital and technology firm partnering with our clients. We offer services across digital strategy, start up consulting, emerging technology advice, innovation workshops, automation consulting and business growth advice.

We collaborate with clients including SMEs, corporates, start ups and government and we’ve worked on over 500 different digital projects in Australia and overseas.

At Llew Jury & Co. we have over 20 years of digital and technology business strategy and consulting experience, having built internationally successful digital, web, marketing and consulting organisations throughout Australia, the UK, NZ and Asia.

What we do

At Llew Jury & Co. we partner with organisations looking to fundamentally change the way they do business through digital transformation and innovation. We are all about transforming organisations into “digital first” agile and adaptable businesses.

For our clients, digital transformation requires not only a shake-up of processes, teams, and software, but also the culture at the heart of the business. And this is where Llew Jury & Co. closely consults to make these changes easier and more scalable with organisations.

A 20 year award winning track record

Llew Jury & Co. has a track record of successful delivery of customer outcomes by adopting the appropriate best practice approaches combined with significant experience built up from years of customer project delivery.

A varied service offering

Our digital and business consulting services are broken into four key pillars – General Consulting & Strategy, Start Up Consulting, Change & Innovation and Emerging & Disruptive Technologies.

The founder of Llew Jury & Co. speaking at the MYRIAD festival