Be confident, not arrogant

I was having a coffee up in Paddington this week with one of my great staff and we got talking about confidence in business. It got me thinking about how confidence can go a long way to growing a successful business.

Throughout my business journey I have always tried to work out the best ways to build rapport with all sorts of people, whether it be staff, clients or stakeholders.

The key theme I always try to do is to be confident, not arrogant. Pretty straight forward really.

And in your business you can apply this simple theme too.

  • From a HR perspective it will rub off on your staff and this improves retention rates and their professional development;
  • For sales, people worldwide like a confident person offering business strategy, rather than embellishing themselves and their brand;
  • In Social Media, confident people are easy to spot on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. And even easier to spot on YouTube when a video recorder is stuck in front of them; and
  • When you need to have the “hard chat” in a difficult situation, previous work on building your confidence will certainly help.

Further to this, a very old mate of mine (well he is only 39 yrs) who runs a successful nursery business in Canberra once said to me something that I reckon goes well with this mantra.

His is “always be nice to people”.

It’s amazing how these stick with you for life. If you can be confident, not arrogant and nice to people you’ll have a very successful business in no time.