Become an innovator at work

I recently gave a presentation to the top 50 Westpac future leaders for Queensland.

There was some serious talent in the room at the UQ Business School, predominately from the financial and commerce side of things, but the principles I presented to them were the same for anyone in any business.

To become a innovator in the business you work in, you need to have some special qualities. Many skills can be learnt, and your behaviour from day one makes all the difference.

If you go in with the mindset to be an intrapreneur it will really help. That is, someone that thinks and acts like a growth orientated owner,  but is someone internal to the business.

Remember that you’ll most likely pitch many different ideas to management/boards and only a few will ever get up. But it’s how you grow and drive the successful ones that will make you truly exceptional.

The key take outs for aspiring staff that want to become innovators are:

1. Be an influencer
2. Empower people and clients
3. Be disruptive (don’t make a mess though!)
4. Be resilient
5. Sell trust well – check out my sales article
6. Be creative
7. Get/become a mentor
8. Become a brand
9. Do speaking gigs
10. Admire other successful innovators

Good luck on your innovation journey and check out the slides here:

Image credit – Westpac