Build a great content strategy

Building great a content strategy for any marketing channel is now one of the most important things in business. If Content is King then having a great Content Strategy is Queen.

Without an engaging and targeted way to communicate your brand message, competitions, status updates, blog posts or videos, your business on the web will suffer.

To build a great content strategy, you need a few things.

Firstly, you need to know who your main target audiences are and what they want from the content that you’ll produce for them.

Then you need to make sure you interact with them on their level and in their tone of voice. Remember, it’s always easy to spot a post or comment that isn’t produced by someone that cares about the target audience.

You also need to make sure you don’t bombard them with too many posts, competitions, videos, surveys or updates. This will simply turn them off and less frequency and higher quality content is the key here.

At Reload Media with social media marketing, we use lightweight content interactions over a period of time to present the business as a friend, not a sales tool slamming the audience with too many content hits. And in search engine optimisation, quality content is the key to getting the better shares and links to a website.

One of the emerging issues for agencies and companies developing content on the web for clients is the legal issues that you can potential face. Therefore your content strategy needs to be signed off by the client, and preferably their legal team, to make sure you are not caught short when it comes to posting content that could potentially defame the client and their brand. Your staff who might make these updates also need to be on top of this and know about the risks faced.

You need to then have a good production budget in your content strategy. Things like topical articles, blog posts, videos, info graphics and related images are all part of a relevant and progressive content production strategy.

To keep costs down, you may wish to outsource some of this, but I find that it’s better to write and produce content using local staff that understand your client and their business. Plus you’ll need some budget to promote and drive traffic to your content too once it’s live, via Facebook advertising for example.

A final word here is that in your business, you should have already been putting content and your content strategy right near the top of the marketing tree. If your firm has a great content strategy using quality content, then your search engine optimisation, social media marketing and other traditional marketing tatics will grow and generate new business opportunities.

And be bold too! Have a content strategy that creatively puts your business at the top of your industry and sets you apart from the competition.