Collaboration – buzz word or must do?

The word Collaboration is fast becoming the hot business buzz-word of 2015.

But in many instances it’s being used out of context and without a true understanding of how to execute it correctly in the workplace.

Collaboration is important for organisations as it brings teams together to achieve goals.

Great collaboration will motivate people, inspire quality and work excellence and produce long lasting results for clients. The reward of collaboration will go beyond profits and dollars, with pride and personal growth also great outcomes for staff.

Without collaboration, you’ll have a bunch of individuals all pulling in different directions, and that’s never good for client outcomes or your corporate culture.

At Reload, we’ve taken years to get our collaborative approach to digital marketing and business right. And we’re still tweaking and improving the processes around this all the time.

Here are some of the key takeouts from implementing a collaborative business and client environment at Reload:

1. Collaborate when you’re processes and systems can support it. Don’t bolt off and say you’re now a collaboration-based organisation when you’ve got to clean up the way you’ll deliver and then monitor your collaborative work environment.

2. Make it part of the cultural DNA. Training, up-skilling and monitoring of your staff capability is vital to growing a collaborative organisation. And with any up skilling and capability outcome, it won’t happen overnight, so treat this one as a marathon, not a sprint.

3. Train your clients to become collaborative too. At Reload, we partner with smart clients that love to collaborate and partner with us to achieve their business goals. Without the client’s understanding how to collaborate with you, your relationship with them won’t last too long. And beware, this one may take some time too.

Remember, collaboration is a long game and isn’t something you can quickly implement overnight. A team’s capability will need to be adequately up skilled and ongoing monitoring and quality processes will assist on your collaborative journey.