Llew Jury & Co. is a leading Brisbane digital and technology consulting firm with over 20 years of digital experience.

We provide quality digital strategy, start up consulting, innovation advice, automation consulting and business growth advice.

As part of the Advancer Group, we closely partner with clients including SMEs, corporates, start ups and government.

Llew Jury & Co. has the track record in delivering successful business outcomes by identifying the client’s problem and providing the right digital solutions in a transparent way.

Our Approach

Sometimes clients need to make changes in their business, but are not set up to execute the change. In this case, Llew Jury & Co. can partner with an organisation to deliver specific outcomes and transform the business.

To commence a project with us, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate end goals and what the delivery will look like. We’ll also identify the people change requirements (workforce planning), the removal or addition of new processes and the technology changes that are required.

Please see our Approach page for more.