Our approach

At Llew Jury & Co. we recognise that every client has different outcomes and business requirements, so we have different engagement styles custom designed to suit each of these needs.

How we engage

To commence a project with us, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate end goals and what the delivery will look like.

We’ll also identify the people change requirements (workforce planning), the removal or addition of new processes and the technology changes that are required.

Internal business cases

At Llew Jury & Co. we also assist with the development of internal business cases, delivering a clear roadmap that shows the various steps that are required to ensure change happens. Our workforce planning team will then work closely with you and your teams to execute the required people changes.

We work with boards

And all of this can happen at the management, C-Suite or board levels as required and we pride ourselves on clear communication during all projects.

The steps to digital transformation

The steps to digital transformation take time and plenty of effort from all parts of the business. This includes your staff, suppliers, leadership, external advisors and many other stakeholders.

At Llew Jury & Co. we use our tried and tested digital transformation methodology that transforms certain business areas in an iterative way.

Using an iterative approach, you’ll be able to test and learn as you move through the different transformation projects at various times, without the risk of affecting your business as usual from trying to do too much at once.