Content Marketing for Google

It used to be “build it and they will come”. Not any more.

In the past few years the technology benefits of a website have found a new partner – content.

These days, it’s all about the quality of the content on your website and the marketing of this content that has become the hottest thing in digital and seo circles.

And it’s all very simple. Content is your story and how your tell this story is content marketing.

How Google fits in

With Google you need great content to cut through the “content clutter” that is out there. And Google knows there are plenty of websites featuring rubbish content.

Great content on your website will get you noticed and will get you links and algorithm awareness.

So what makes great content for marketing your business brand or products/services?

Topical relevance

There’s no point writing articles, producing videos or designing stylish graphics if they aren’t related to your core business products/services and the content housed on your website.

So if you are a “home builder in Parramatta”, don’t write articles about “house prices in Sydney”.

For one, it’s very competitive to go after generic terms like “Sydney” in there, but it’s also not in your local area – Parramatta is like a separate city to Sydney.

Instead, write topically relevant content for and about your local area. As an example for this industry, you would write content on “Best builders in Parramatta – 5 tips on choosing your next builder”.

Subconscious shareable content

It’s all about getting the content and blog influencers to link to your great content – without thinking. Therefore, the best content that is  “subconsciously shared” is the type that you want to produce.

This means, once these influencers receive it from you, it gets an emotional response and before they’ve thought about it, they’re sharing it through their networks via channels like social media.

These influencers might be the media such as online news sites, blogs or experts on specific industry websites. And they will be getting plenty of SEO’ers or digital types reaching out to them to get content shared.

So if you can write subconsciously shareable content, you’ll be onto a winner.

Content example

Here is an example of a piece of content from Aussie Farmers Direct that I shared recently without even thinking about it – a “subconscious share”.

It involves how to creatively get kids to eat good food. Something every parent needs!