Content Marketing & Link Building

Link building in the SEO “new world order” isn’t any different to SEO in the olden times (two years ago). It’s just that these days, the spotlight is on getting the best quality links to your website, rather than the most links.

This is where content marketing helps it’s old mate link building.

And it’s a very simple formula.

Great Content  = Great Links = More Web Traffic = Conversions

As you can see the first two are initially the most important parts of this process, just before conversion optimisation kicks in. And it’s very simple and not rocket science or brain surgery.

To get great links you will need content that is shareable and likeable by humans (funnily enough) that sends signals to Google and friends that it’s time to rank your website well because it’s more popular than the next guy’s website.

So links will flow if you do the following 3 tips:

1. Plan out the keywords that are popular in your category – when you are building the content pieces and linking to this content, make sure these are relevant to your business and industry. Don’t waste time and money on writing a blog post, producing a video or getting a nice fat link from a press article if the story isn’t ultimately related to your website and business. Of course though, any nice link from a highly ranking site, will help. But if say you are a “car yard” and you get a link from a “cupcake baking” website, Google does know there isn’t too much relevance between the two of you.

2. Speaking of video – it’s hot right now. Videos are a great way of getting people to stay on your website. The longer the person is on the website the better as Google sees this time on site through Analytics and starts to think “Hey, this site is getting people to it and when they’re on there, they are staying”. Win. Check out videos I have produced in the Reload games room for a very small budget at the Llew Jury You Tube channel.

3. Regular like clockwork – make sure that when you embark on producing great content marketing ideas to build great links, you do it on a content marketing plan that happens at regular intervals. By all means, develop up a Gantt chart showing the weeks when you need to produce, edit and release the content pieces. And then get a good quality SEO company to build the authority of your website through quality SEO link building methods. Make it a 12 month game plan too, as Google doesn’t like fly-by-nighters and all of the above will take you time.

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