How to build a great SEO company

Having spent the best part of 16 years building leading Australian digital marketing and SEO companies, one thing I get asked is what makes a great SEO company? And how do you build a great SEO company?

Like most industry folk, I reckon there cannot be the “best” or “greatest” SEO company in a particular market as every SEO business has a different personality that can make it great in it’s own right.

However, these things help to make Reload Media one of Australia’s best SEO company’s:

  1. Treating SEO as a business, not technology. Too many SEO’ers get caught up with the art of SEO, rather than explaining the business value and ROI that SEO can bring.  And how SEO now fits into the marketing mix as a key component of any marketing budget.
  2. Choosing teams that are marketing focused and not technically focused. SEO is now all about content and the natural and shareable links that feed into your website. So it’s much more marketing that coding.
  3. Go white hat. In SEO land there is White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat is the guys that generally do corporate SEO to the search engines guidelines, whereas Black Hat are the less quality people working from their bedrooms spamming sites. Do White Hat SEO, as you will get found out and caught. And blacklisted from Google which is around 90% of Australian searches. So you are buggered if this happens.
  4. Develop business processes early – a good way to scale the growth of a SEO business is to build your internal processes. Things like how to check ranks and automates tasks are important early on.
  5. Continue to innovate. Many businesses are tied up in the daily grind of running the business. Stick to the old adage of stepping back and working on the business and not in the business. This will allow you to find cost savings or innovative ways of improving your business.

Good luck with building a great SEO company and remember, no one person or company can claim they are the best!