How to build your personal brand – 5 tips

Building a great personal brand for your business isn’t a new concept. Even in ancient times when we traded goods, you would have needed a personal brand to get the best deals. Here are my tips on how to build your personal brand in this technically connected modern era.

Tip #1 – It won’t happen overnight so be patient! Building a personal brand is all your business reputation being built up over time. It takes years for most of us, although some of the lucky few can have instant fame with a innovative product, app or service. Look at Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, in a flash he become the brand of Facebook and the king of social media.

Tip #2 – Speaking of which, use social media. Social media is the best way to build an online or digital footprint – fast. Tools such as Google+ and LinkedIn are very important for business to business relationships, as to Twitter for micro messages. Look at the celebrities that are doing well, and most will be on Twitter as their main channel to update fans and followers in 140 characters or less. Using the viral nature of social media, Twitter helps build the follows of your brand very fast if you have some great content to share. And what’s more, setting up social media tools are generally pretty straight forward and often free in the first instance. Make sure you get a good content strategy together though and be consistent.

Tip #3 – Live and breathe your personal brand. Everything you do in business should be about you and your brand. For example, add your blog into your signature or join a Twitter conversation at a seminar using your personally branded account. People in the same room will then see you are there, and will see you’re online in their community too. In this day and age, they are more likely to then approach you at the event as there is personal brand recognition.

Tip #4 – Use video. Video promotion and branding is a huge part of content marketing. People now more than ever are watching video’s about a business rather than reading the words on the same web page. Tips from a leader in their field broadcast via video is a cost effective and now easy way to communicate to your target markets. Stay tuned to for more on this later in the year.

Tip #5  – Aim for winning awards. A great way to build profile for your business or personal brand is to enter awards that you think are achievable in winning. There are plenty in each state and territory as well as national ones like the Telstra Business Awards. They often come with a few perks too, in that you might get to meet some new well connected contacts that lead to business opportunities.

Good luck with growing your own personal brand and remember, it won’t be overnight, but if you do it right, it will pay dividends for your business and you personally in the long term.