How to get public speaking gigs

Public speaking is a great way to grow your personal and business brand. So how do you get invited to be a public speaker?

Be the authority – speakers are often chosen because they are public figures and experts in a certain field. Don’t despair though as even if you haven’t yet built up your profile and brand, start to own a particular industry segment. People will start to take interest and keep an eye on you for future gigs.

Be presentable – present well dressed and match the style of the industry you want to present to. To become successful at getting the public speaking gigs, you need to network with the right people at the right events and always show up well dressed and with shinny shoes even if you aren’t speaking.

Use social media – build your public speaking brand through tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Using a blog will also show that you are a thought leader in a certain market. And active broadcasting of the key messages using these social media tools will show that you are a regular at it, have something meaningful to say and should be listened to.

Refine your pitch – Sometimes you have to plant the seed and make event managers and conference organisers know that you are keen and ready to speak. And when someone asks whether you would like to speak, know how to appear confident and that you aren’t doing them a favour, rather you are proud to help them out and speak at their event.

Do it for free – most of the time you won’t be able to charge for your public speaking gigs so always aim to build up your personal brand and expertise by offering it for free. But every so often a good offer might include money and travel costs being covered. This is when you know you are getting a good public speaker name.

Prepare off the cuff speeches – There have been two times in the past few years where I have won awards and have been suddenly standing on stage in front of 800 odd people. First time was for our award at the Premiers Export Awards and then for the Young Business Person of the Year. Both times I had a few quick ideas jotted down on my iPhone notepad and this helped me through a 2 minute speech on the stage. Main thing to remember is to publicly thank your partner/wife/husband for putting up with you while you are winning these awards. Just a tip!

A good social media speaker that I know is Adam Franklin. He is now charging great money for his quality social media presentations and adheres to many of these areas above. Check out Adam’s blog here for more.