How to win with your customers

Customers pay your bills and put food on your table. Acquiring customers that are good payers, good people and have realistic expectations takes time, money and skill.

So having them become repeat customers is vital when looking for recurring revenue streams within your business.

For all of us at Reload Media, it’s vital that we exceed customers expectations with exceptional work. But we must also look after them in other areas. We have to understand what makes them tick, what drives them and what will make them resign with Reload Media.

And not just once, but time-and-time again.

This is where you can build great revenue and profit projections, comfortable in the knowledge that you have a customer that’s going to hang around.

So the following are engagement tactics I like to do with our customers. You may find you’ll do many of these naturally, and this list is by no means exhaustive. There is always that special way of getting the customer to stay with you.

  • Local newspapers – each week I scan the Brisbane News, Quest local paper plus any other advertising material that is presented so gently into my mailbox (if it’s not scattered over the path). Read the local papers and look for any print adverts that are in there. This year I have seen patio companies, dentists and bathroom businesses that are all Reload Media clients. Once you see them in there, give them a call, email or mention it in person that you saw the ad and how it’s great to see a campaign integrating in with your work.
  • Drive around town – time-and-time again our staff mention that they are amazed to see so many of Reload Media’s customers out and about when they’re driving, on a bus/train or on a bike. Noticing a customer that has their vehicle decals, a billboard, a bus shelter ad or a physical building sign showing their brand is a simple way of knowing where they’re located and what they’re up to. Reporting back to them that you saw them around town shows awareness and consideration about their brand outside of your office.
  • Google reviews – have a read of their Google reviews, plus any other reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor, Whirlpool or Product Review. Get a good understanding of what others are saying about their brand and report anything to the customer if something negative pops up. Again, this shows you care about their reputation and care about their business.
  • Follow their social channels – A quick and easy one to build your awareness of your customer is to follow their Facebook page, Twitter handle, You Tube channel and Google Plus page. It only takes 60 seconds to do all of this but what it really offers is ongoing updates about their brand, office life, corporate culture and how they run their business. Social channels allow a quick window into their world and chances are they’ll notice that you’re following them and like their updates. Good brownie points right here.
  • Ask after their business – Many of the Reload Media staff know my number one tactic when seeing customers for the first or following times is to always ask “how’s business?”. I just love asking this simple question as it encourages so many different responses. Apart from showing that you really do care about them, you can glean some quick market research insights into what is happening in their business. For example, if they respond by saying “times are tough and we would love more customers”, then you can explore this from multiple levels. You could offer new services such as different marketing tactics or even offer to get a business consultant in to train their sales staff in better completion rates.

There are certainly other things that make customers tick. But try these ones out and see how you go on your customers. It might just add a few percent to your bottom line, and that’s what it’s all about.