Dear Aussie SME’s, it’s time to really “do digital”

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It used to be easy for SMEs to stand back and pick and choose the parts of digital they’d do, how long it would take and the budgets they’d spend.

But not any more.

In the late nineties, many businesses started with a website and “got into digital”. In the mid noughties social media appeared and many transitioned into Facebook & Twitter pages as well as email marketing. In recent years they might have moved onto a mobile device or taken their accounting online.

But many Australian small businesses are still way off the international digital competitiveness game.

And this view comes from my experience in talking and working with these businesses for the past 20 years.

What I’m seeing is that digital transformation globally is happening at an extremely fast pace.

Unless we move Australian business owners and boards out of a historical mindset that they’re already “doing digital”, many businesses will be left behind and unfortunately, a number will simply cease to exist.

The two areas that Australian business must look at right now are automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

HBR today have published data that confirms that Australia could see 44.9% of work activities becoming automated. Globally 1.2 billion full-time workers and US$14.6 trillion in wages are associated with activities that are automatable with current technology.

Why we set up Llew Jury & Co.

Llew Jury & Co. has been set up to provide trusted guidance and advice to the many Australian small to medium organisations that a desperate to compete and transform through automation.

They’re desperate to find the best digital channels, create operational efficiencies and leverage digital to change and grow.

And they’re keen to find the way to harness an innovation mindset within their people, so they too can grow and re-skill in the coming years.

Invest in a Llew Jury & Co. digital transformation roadmap and plan and grow for the future.

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