Networking on holidays – 3 tips

I recently went on a great family trip to Fiji. Whilst it was special family time, I still managed to do a little business networking and brand building staying at the sensational Castaway Island.

Here are three tips for networking on holidays (if your wife/husband/partner lets you!).

1. Relax. Being on holidays is a great time to relax away from the daily stresses of business operations, especially if you are working in a fast paced corporate or self employed environment.

What relaxing will do is free up you mind to forget about any negatives that have built up over time and this will allow you to think and portray all the positives about you and your business.

Here in lies the secret that I often find in that if you’re relaxed and chilled, you’re more likely to naturally attract business opportunities without even trying!

2. Don’t talk shop. Try the reverse on holidays and don’t mention or discuss any work at all.

When I was in Fiji, I made sure I never really talked about my business, awards or the specific services that we offer. Rather, I tried to just have a good chat to people and was always natural in my approach.

I think if you talk about what’s happening in the daily life at your holiday spot with the other guests, it will show you as a little more “worldly” and part of the experience, rather than just focused on your business back at home. To me it doesn’t look too good if all you can talk about is work.

3. Bring business cards. I handed out a few cheeky business cards mainly to get our email out to others. But there was also the need to have a few on hand for a couple of business opportunities and this is where carrying a couple in your wallet or bill fold will do the trick.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday. Try Fiji, you won’t be disappointed!