Same time zone as the rest

Last week I went to Melbourne on a business trip.

The very next day, as I sat at my Mac trying to caffeine it up, I reflected on the anti business growth problem that Queensland has by not having the same time zone as the rest of them.

Call it daylight saving, call it whatever you want, just make us all on the same time zone if we share roughly the same Longitude. Simple stuff really.

I love Queensland, I’ve lived here the longest out of stints in Adelaide, Canberra and the UK. This is home and my kids love growing up here as they’re in the pool 7 months a year. Business in Queensland is also enjoyable with great staff and clients.

And for the record, this isn’t a political rant. I did a Facebook post back on this very topic when Anna B was the Premier too.

However I feel we are not only getting laughed at down south, we are hurting our interstate business growth potential. And our health.

Here’s why.

Up at 3am – When you have your first meeting at 9am in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or anywhere south of the Tweed, you have two choices.

You can either spend lots of money flying down the night before, staying in a hotel that will cost you around $300+ with food. Or choose to get up at 3am to get to the airport, park, clear security and board your flight that departs at 5am.

Getting up in the dark at 3am is not good for your health unless you are a regular shift worker. You will be tired and worn out before you even take off, just like all the people with their mouths agape, restlessly asleep on QF601 last week. It was an easy job for the hostesses.

Is this good for business?   – I think not. You cannot front up to your first interstate meeting feeling dusty.

You are representing yourself, your company, your industry and your state.

How can being tired at your meetings represent positivity for you business and brand? I’m no specialist, but it cannot be good for your cardio vascular system or other vitals to be running on emergency energy stores from 3am.

Restricting family time – If you have to go down the night before to get to your first meeting due to time zones, there is the distance problem of not tucking in your kids and saying good night.

So you are relying on others to do school pick up and drop offs, pack lunches, tie shoe laces and raise your kids when you should be there helping out.

I don’t think it’s very smart to subject the good business folk of Queensland to pressures on their emotional psyche due to loss of family time, when they’re forced into having to leave the day before just because of a stubborn time zone change.

Staff in early costs money – ensuring staff are on call early for the southern clocks means more cost to employers. How much does this cost employers each year who want to have interstate clients?

The solution  – my solution is just as simple as Broken Hill’s relationship with South Australia. Broken Hill is in NSW, but is on SA time by choice. And everyone is happy as far as I know.

Why don’t we implement “The Bundaberg Line”

A shared time zone with NSW, VIC and all the rest that obviously want daylight saving.

Include Budaberg, Hervey Bay, Gympie, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the southern time zones. Simple stuff really.

Hang on, I need to let out my dogs that are waking me up at 4:30am each morning as dawn arrives. And I’ll check if my curtains are fading…