SEO Content Marketing Works

Update! Check out a new blog post about SEO Content Marketing on Reload Media’s blog  It’s worth a read as it’s got a cat on it!

Building a SEO content marketing strategy is now the best way to develop great organic (non paid) traffic to your website and potential leads to your business. But how long does it all take?

About six weeks ago in late December 2012, I launched with two key things in mind.

Firstly, I wanted to share my experience from the past 16 years in running award winning businesses here and overseas. And secondly, I wanted to try out for my self what my great team at Reload Media do for our great clients through our SEO programs – and that was SEO Content Marketing. Of course, these two areas go hand-in-hand, as you need something great to say to cut through the article clutter online combined with a site that will achieve virtual shares to drive traffic.

So how’s it gone for It’s looking pretty good from a traffic, readership and uptake level.

My articles have been getting indexed fast and ranking well after a few days. I firmly believe that Google authourship is helping out here, in that my Google+ account at Reload Media has been linked to this blog too.

Here is what I did and some quick stats to show that SEO Content Marketing does work.

The build stage

I did three major things here.

One, I pre-wrote all my web page copy (About Me, Awards, Contact etc) on a MS Word document and kept tweaking and changing it every so often when I had a moment.

Then, I got a great designer called Nicole from Nic Nac Design to design me up a corporate logo and identity. I gave her a detailed brief on what I needed and she got it right first up.

And finally, I got our Website Detective/Designer Brett to build a quick WordPress template driven blog site hosted on quality Australian hosting.

All up it took about one and a half days to get it to what you see and the cost wouldn’t have been very large at all.

Article selection, tone choice and development

I developed a content schedule that essentially mixed my writing and musings about informative topics aimed at assisting people growing and leading business. These articles are now on and have good SEO “call to actions” for the search engine spiders. This balance is very important as it sets you up very quickly in the eyes of both the readers and the search engines.

It’s shown me that your article tone and content style need to be sorted from the start. I picked a conversational tone to use, such as I am giving some advice over a coffee or lunch to the person reading the article.

I decided that my content tone and style needs to be quick and to the point. No room to waffle as this is what my audience would expect.

Statistics so far

The stats from Google Analytics so far are promising. The articles are getting indexed and are ranking well for exact match terms that are topical and result in answering a question. This article below was indexed in two days on Google and ranks just behind Search Engine Watch.


Some other stats show:

1. Time on site is showing good signs and sees the articles being read, which always helps. The spikes below are when a new one is released and shared on social media channels such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


2. The site got indexed by Google very quickly and this has seen traffic arrive from all over the globe. This has been for the topical articles answering a business problem such as “Build a great corporate culture” or “Scope creep in digital projects”. Here is some location data from the past six weeks.

3. The other interesting stat is the use of mobile. It’s a trend that is happening for all our clients and you can already see Apple iPads and iPhone’s are leading the way with this audience.


The future

The future of the blog is all about growing the user base and focusing on video blogging too. Stayed tuned for more!