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Automation Consulting

Our goal is to help every Australian small & medium business automate for growth

We’re all about providing the best tools, platforms, resources and services to enhance and grow businesses through automation, chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). This is so Australian businesses remain globally competitive for the digital future.

We’ve built a comprehensive automation consulting and digital readiness agency specifically for Australian SMEs, called Metrica. And from what we can find, it’s the first one of it’s kind in Australia!

What does Metrica offer?

Metrica offers a fully customised automation program specifically designed for small and medium businesses. The program looks at your current state including your data and metrics, where your digital roadmap wants to be, how your staff will adapt and then projects to help you change and grow.

Metrica’s program is delivered by the experienced Llew Jury & Co. digital consulting team into Australian businesses of all shapes, sizes and levels of business maturity. Check out our DoseMe case study below for a successful project we’ve completed.

Automation is critical for every Australian business

Research shows that automation is making an impact right now and will be taking a strategic and operational front seat in many critical areas of Australian businesses in the future.

A recent HBR study showed that 44.9% of future Australian work activities could be automated, and we’re already seeing automation changing industries such as marketing, transport, retail and professional services.

Through Llew Jury & Co’s automation consulting program with Metrica, you’ll be introduced into the practical “how to” take your business into new growth phases directly through automation.

Llew Jury & Co. discuss Automation & AI

your automation position

At kick off, we launch into the discovery phase that includes your teams and our staff. There’s plenty of whiteboard sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business goals, pain points, growth ideas, new target markets and many other key areas. We’ll consider your key data and metrics, market perception/sentiment, current and future competitors and key target markets. This ensures that we can tailor the Metrica program and automation delivery options specifically to your business needs.

listen to the creative ideas

We then consult with all of your key stakeholders. We listen and document all of the creative ideas, concepts and operational and organisation recommendations that your clients, staff and suppliers have. And we shortlist and prioritise these into recommendations that will make an immediate impact to your business and also include the ones that will positively change your long term strategy too.

upskilling people for a bright future

Llew Jury & Co will closely partner to ensure your workforce embraces automation, your culture grows and your people are re-skilled and restructured around any changes that automation might bring. We use qualified HR strategists from our parent company Advancer Group to get your current and future people capability and capacity needs right.

rapid development and testing

A great way to test out automation projects is to build a cost effective test platform or MVPs (minimum viable product). This is a stage that you’ll have a hands on role in designing and developing the changes to your business (no programming required!). Llew Jury & Co. will introduce you into a range of quality platforms, automation tools and qualified partners that will work closely with you through these rapid and iterative steps.

user experience

User experience is the most critical part when designing and building any changes to your business. After all, it’s all about creating the very best experience for your customers and uses. Any new product, service or app changes have to be engaging, clean and clear so that user’s embrace and share the experience. We plan the design and creation of your assets including websites, social media, mobile applications and overall customer experience areas to ensure users have a positive experience at all times.

testing for long term investment

In combination with UAT (user acceptance testing) a series of small focus groups and functional tests can be run to assist in understanding any potential fixes to your new processes, systems, products or services. Feedback will be collected and appropriate changes made in iterative sprints to ensure the market feedback is introduced.

pr, marketing & digital

An integrated digital and traditional marketing and public relations strategy will be developed across key platforms and channels to ensure current and potential customers are made aware of your new operational and organisational changes, as well as any new products or service you might now offer. We’ll also begin to develop marketing collateral and discuss creative messaging strategy with you in order to ensure the right engagement with your target markets.

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I’ve worked with Llew since 2010 on a variety of digital strategy, digital marketing, consulting and innovation advisory initiatives.

Through Llew and his team’s strategies, the companies that I’ve represented have grown at huge rates across client acquisition, market share and revenue. Every time that we’ve engaged Llew, he’s has provided leadership and advice to the executive levels on the latest in digital and technology, and how it relates to business and marketing.

He is a leader at growing passionate digital and business consulting teams that partner with us for the long term.

I have no hesitation in recommending Llew for digital consulting, business advice and technology innovation projects.

Richard York
Group Marketing Manager

Automation case study – DoseMe

Llew Jury & Co. consulted with DoseMe in Brisbane facilitating innovation sessions, automation and strategic HR workshops. These looked at the ways to enhance DoseMe’s people and culture opportunities through the streamlining of automation technology.

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