Social media & staff

When’s the right time to connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your staff? And do you add them or do they add you?

The advent of social media is now firmly part of every day life and Facebook is still up there as one of the key social interaction channels. This is especially for GenY’s and GenX’s who are entrenched in the workforce.

With an abundance of talented young people on my Reload team and the majority of them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other’s social channels, there comes a time when you become socially connected.

Using Facebook as the main example, here’s how I go about “Facebook friending” Reloaders.

First of all, I leave it up to them.

As a CEO or business owner, it’s more than likely you might be a touch older than some of your team. But age doesn’t matter too much here to them, it’s more about your staff feeling comfortable when connecting with you socially. Most of the time it might be personal, but sometimes they’ll not want their peers to see they’re connecting with their boss who might then have access to shared pictures and comments.

If they’re comfortable to add you as a friend, let them do it in their own time. Some will take minutes, some will take a year.

Don’t get crushed if they don’t add you.

They obviously have their own reasons for it that will be varied and probably not what you expect. Having their boss “stalk them” isn’t normally a reason too I find. It’s often that they prefer to separate their personal and work lives. Which is just fine with me.

And besides, they’ll most likely be already connected with you on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. Social channels that are more focused on connections in the business world.