Spot star performers in your business

Star performers in the workplace are normally the staff that don’t make a big deal about being great.

So how do you spot a star performer in your business?

1. Recommendations – when other staff and clients start to mention and recommend the star performer, then you know something’s happening. Word of mouth recommendations are everything in business and once you start to get this feedback, you know that the star performer is growing your business. If it happens all the time, then you are onto something very good.

2. Beyond the call of duty – when the star performer starts to do the extraordinary then this is a great sign. It’s not just about staying back late to show that someone is working hard, or coming in on weekends, it’s all about the person becoming a great “corporate citizen” within the business. Things like cleaning up, helping with administration and general assistance to other staff all point to someone that cares about the long term vision of the business.

3. The BBQ effect – one thing at Reload Media we talk about is that everyone, no matter what their role or career path might be, is a sales person for the business. The BBQ effect suggests that on weekend, around the BBQ flipping a steak, all staff will at some stage get asked “so where do you work – and what do you do”? The star performers will naturally turn this into a potential sales opportunity, no matter the person they are talking to. They will be so enthusiastic and proud about the vision of the business, that this will rub off on others.

4. Consistency – A star performer will consistently be a great asset around the office. Not just spurts of brilliance, but someone that sustains a great performance of their role over a longer period of time.

5. Aspirational – Star performers may or may not be aspirational in achieving leadership positions or promotions. Sometimes they are happy to be excellent in their roles and continue to improve the quality of their work without chasing bigger things. Some star performers though see the big picture of future leadership roles and will aspire to be in management positions on more pay in the future. Generally they are happy to wait for this opportunity.

6. Self driven – All star performers of any workplace are self driven to achieve success for everything they do. Star performers see the “glass as half full” and not “half empty”, and feel great about coming to work each day. It’s therefore up to the senior leadership team of any business to make sure a culture of greatness is fostered to help them thrive.