I’ve worked with Llew since 2010 on a variety of digital strategy, digital marketing, consulting and innovation advisory initiatives. Through Llew and his team’s strategies, the companies that I’ve represented have grown at huge rates across client acquisition, market share and revenue. Every time that we’ve engaged Llew, he’s has provided leadership and advice to the executive levels on the latest in digital and technology, and how it relates to business and marketing. He is a leader at growing passionate digital and business consulting teams that partner with us for the long term. I have no hesitation in recommending Llew for digital consulting, business advice and technology innovation projects.
Richard York – General Manager Marketing BCU

As a technology company we had numerous separate applications ‘helping’ us achieve our goals. I brought Llew in on a change “housekeeping” exercise. Llew has the rarest of talents in being able to talk to CEOs with the same level of command as when he is talking to the most technical of technicians. Within a matter of weeks, Llew had transformed our business, literally. Without taking away any of the team’s creature comfort software applications (no applications were removed), Llew brought them all together. All the systems now talk, they are all integrated, everyone knows where they stand and everyone knows what is going on. Most amazingly, Llew did this by actually increasing staff engagement. A change process that improved staff morale – a first for this old dog! Our team is more connected than ever and what started out with me being uncomfortable with so many systems ended with a short, sharp project that relieved my concerns and brought the entire company closer together.
Charles Cornish – CEO DoseMe

Having a successful start-up is never a case of luck. Llew Jury has proven this to me time and time again over the past 20 years. It’s all about having a solution that people need or want and being able to execute the business around it. On both fronts Llew is an innovator and a pioneer. As a like-minded entrepreneur looking to maximise my start-up success, when Llew talks I listen. He’s done it all before. He knows what works and what doesn’t. And best of all he knows how to make it relevant and actionable. Llew’s advice comes from real world experience and a rare intuition that is often years ahead of the market. A true thought leader and business mentor.
Peter Maynard – CEO CyberMetrix

I have been working with Llew for over 6 years – I feel that it has been a partnership having Llew by my side. During those 6 years my allied health business has had constant growth in area’s which I did not think of until Llew opened my eyes. He has helped me steer my small business through the rocky waters of managing cash flow and growth. This has been all done through early strategy and looking outside the box for innovative ways to increase sales. Llew has always been passionate about my business in meetings with him and I can trust he always has mine and my business’s best intentions in mind. I can honestly say that my business wouldn’t be in the position it is today without Llew’s business advisory. I have been able to grow into a new location of almost double size in the last 6 months and haven’t fallen behind in growth at any stage. His multifaceted strategies from digital to hands on approach have enabled continued growth in my business even if one area is slower at a particular point in time. I’m a very happy customer and would recommend Llew to any business who would like to have positive growth in all facets of their business.
Daniel Ryan – CEO Bodytrack