The latest in digital marketing from iMedia Summit Asia

Last week (22 to 24 April 2013) I travelled to Bali to attend the 5th iMedia Brand Summit Asia.

There were some great speakers from the US, UK and Asia. The theme was all about the “creation of valuable branded content” and this topic is certainly hot right now in digital marketing agencies and for clients too.

Kellogg’s US opened the proceedings on the Monday evening with a great presentation about the recent Cheez-it savoury biscuit integrated social and digital campaign. This campaign saw the various Cheez-it flavours mimicking the US Presidential election with fans being able to vote for their favourite flavour. The edgy and creative content was the key here. The advertising linked via TVC and other traditional channels through to You Tube for the mocking TVC campaign ads and Facebook for the competition entries and shares. Supporting channels including T-Shirts and posters to show public support for your favourite flavour.

Content was also theme too from Nike Asia and the BBC World News who were on a panel discussing content strategy, branded content and content syndication. They talked about how to harness the right content from under our very noses, for greater uplift in both brand engagement and awareness. They said content is also spreading to wearable products that have content integration, such as with the Nike FuelBand with social media. This sports band is designed to encourage shares of your daily physical effort amongst social channels such as Facebook, truly taking content to another level. We’ll see more of this soon in Australia in 2013.

This got me thinking about all of our clients and just how much content there must be stashed away for each of them. Even from before we started working with them on digital marketing areas such as SEO. We always focus on harnessing great new content and syndicating it for shares, but what the BBC was saying was everyone has a previous story and it’s the undiscovered content about a brand that makes all the difference.

A few of the sponsors also spoke during 10 minute innovation session and Ant the Regional Manager for Asia from Outbrain reiterated a great topic that we often discuss in our business – the matter of trusted sources and influences. He was talking about this from a content and referral perspective for shareability. Like him, I feel we are in the thick of the new world order for all parts of digital marketing and a core focus is shares through trusted content for all businesses.

The main takeout for me though was the fact that here in Brisbane, we are doing the same level of creative and branded campaigns for great clients, on par with the projects coming out of Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) is on everyone’s radar too, just like us. Some of these countries were telling me that their clients were still a little fearful of making mistakes through “ultra brave” digital campaigns and although it sounded similar, I feel that here in Australia we are actually doing extremely brave and bold things that are world beating. The important thing is to make sure for us here in Australia is that we “beat our chest” a little more and tell the world and our region about the great things that we’re doing in the creative digital space.

All-in-all a great event and plenty of time to get a spot of golf in at the New Kuta Golf Club, although I am glad for the fading light that stopped play on the 16th.  As my caddie was constantly enthralled to see just how many balls I could loose in the rough that doubled up as jungle.