The top 5 tips for digital transformation

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Digital transformation is hard work and it’s never ending. But there are ways to make it streamlined and much easier for you, your staff and your customers.

Here’s our top 5 tips for digital transformation.

Tip 1 – Have a clear purpose

You’ll need to start with a clear vision and purpose as to why you’re doing your digital transformation. This critical first step sets the roadmap for where the project will head and brings everyone onto the same page. And when you’re setting your digital vision look 5 to 10 years ahead including where you want to be and what value your business will offer.

Tip 2 – It’s about your customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. And many organisations are changing into “digital first” businesses so they can streamline the experience for their existing customers and grow new ones coming on board. So include your customers in the project by interviewing them, consulting with them and taking on board any improvements they recommend you can make during this important digital change.

Tip 3 – Staff & culture will be important

While customers are important, unless your staff are engaged in the digital change project then it might struggle to achieve the goals that you’re after. We recommend ensuring clear communication is used throughout the different project phases and keep an eye on your culture for any dips in staff sentiment. Regularly update your people with how the team and organisation is progressing and acknowledge the hard times and celebrate the wins.

Tip 4 – Partner with the best suppliers

Having experienced and reliable digital suppliers is essential to the success of your project. We recommend outsourcing the areas where you don’t have capability or capacity in your organisation. To select the right suppliers, use recommendations from other businesses and see their work before signing up to any agreements. Make sure that you’re not locked into large annual contracts that are difficult to get out of or change.

Tip 5 – Get your leaders invested

Buy in from the top is essential to a successful digital project and transformation. These days, most business leaders know they need to move fast with digital and many play an active role in the journey. Like staff, ensure your investors, boards and leadership are updated and are receiving clear communication with at all times. Listen to their feedback and know when to push back if they’re getting to “hands on” in the tactical, as you’ll need the space to implement your project milestones.

Thanks to Dan Fischer from QANTAS for some of these points and be sure to check out Llew Jury & Co’s approach to digital transformation.


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