We are all selling trust

Trust. What a cracking noun. Check out below what Wiktionary says of Trust:

Trust - Wiktionary

Reading through this got me thinking.

This description includes essentially everything that we do in selling our services or products to potential customers. Trust is all about business sales.

These days clients are moving quickly and want and demand instant confidence in a brand, service, product or widget. And they definitely don’t want any arrogance whilst they are selecting the right company to part with their hard earned cash.

Once they have this confidence in you or your staff/brand, you can work on building trust. But it all takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time and this is why sales in business vary in time – some are fast to win the deal and some take time to come off.

Trust in business sales in a society like Australia, is often focused on the value of “personal trust”, with many confusing the term “networking” with that of personal trust. If the client respects you, your demeanour, reputation, approach to life or commitment to your industry, they’ll be more likely to look into a business partnership. So often, the best and smartest businesses to work with are the ones that have come via personal connections and ones that trust you.

You can also build business trust though developing yourself as an online authority in your particular industry. However, this can take more time than meeting face-to-face with people, due to the somewhat remoteness of online channels and the fact that sometimes you’ll never even meet some of your connections in person. You’ll need to mix it up and do both, not replying on one particular path to market for building trust to increase your sales opportunities.