You’ll lose staff and it’s OK

As your business matures, so will your staff.

They’ll come into your business and then one day head off to new roles.

And it’s nothing personal.

What’s more, even though you might feel that losing them will hurt your business, changing staff can be a good thing.

If you do it right.

It’s going to happen…

As your business gets older and larger, you’ll invariably get people looking to change jobs and companies at some point.

They might be the staff that have started with you on your growth and expansion journey.

And if they’ve only ever worked in a handful of roles, then they’ll likely be looking to move every few years to build their career pathways.

Change is a good opportunity

Staff that are moving on create the chance for you to renew and replenish different areas of your business.

From a role perspective, you can tailor a new job ad to suit the exact requirements of any new changes you’re keen to make to the position.

It’s also a good time to review the role with your HR advisors from a whole of business position and ensure the role will fit further expansion if you’re growing.

Exiting a business – positively

When a staff member leaves your company, make sure they have a positive experience on the way out.

They’ll respect you and your team for the way they left and they’ll be sure to continue to talk about this process into the future.

Your other staff will be looking at what happens during this time too. And getting it wrong here can affect morale and sometimes lead to further resignations if it’s not handled well.

A tip here is to be open with all your communication.

Whether it’s about the person leaving or updates on who’s replacing them. Regularly communicate with all staff on any news in regards to leaving dates or farewell parties too.

An example

A former Reload staff member of close to 4 years, who recently departed for a management opportunity recently said:

“It was a great opportunity to work at Reload.

I have learnt a lot and Reload has definitely helped me grow my skill set.

I would like to thank Reload for giving me such a good farewell. It was very heart warming to see that both me and my work were appreciated.

I now feel more confident to do well at my new job.”

Exit interviews are important

I recommend doing an exit interview with the exiting staff member before they leave to gather information and insights about how they felt working with your company.

You’ll want to know the good, not so good and any issues that should be discussed further in this session.

Follow up on any niggles, so that they don’t become issues later for other staff.

Then give them a great send off – one they’ll talk about for years to come.